A BEAST RISING // ‘Ballads of the Revelation’


I saw a beast rising from the sea
He and ten kings rising Speaking deceit, he and his league
Uttered lies and blasphemy
For 42 months he was granted authority
And the nations bowing before him Worshipping
I saw three kings in his wrath falling
And he in the Holy Place now standing

I beheld the mystery of iniquity in his body I saw his armies
Invading the City of Zion the holy

I saw saints falling
in his violence and fury
but shining in glory
For they know the end of the story
The nations said “Who can
Make war with this man?” Then I said,

“I know Someone who can”

‘A Beast Rising’ from FAI’s latest film, ‘Ballads of the Revelation’

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I See Your Heart

Much of the chaos that we experience in our lives is rooted in our misunderstanding of who we are and also why we attract breath. People commonly believe that they have a heart, and they mention the heart as its seat. Where is your heart?

How To Use The Word To Enjoy A Peaceful And Successful Year

What year do you want to have this year as well as what devices are you making use of to produce this preferred end result? What you use identifies the level as well as top quality of your outcome. Because of this the very first and also important device to use, I will certainly discuss currently, is words of God. This is because the word of the Lord developed the world and every little thing within as well as so your year is ideal created by the same word. This article gives the reason as well as how to utilize words of the Lord to create the year you want.

7 Reasons It’s Important To Speak Out What You Believe

Have you ever before questioned why your faith seems not working? Lots of Christians truly think words of God yet are receiving much less due to the fact that they are ignorant of how confidence functions. Because of this belief is not hard to generate results if you recognize how it runs. So, one major method to place your confidence to job is by speaking more. This short article gives the reasons to speak up extra as believed to obtain blessings at the end.

Dark Side of Being a Starseed, Fallen God, Navigating This Reality, and How to Connect to Your Soul

The Dark Side of being a Starseed in the world is having total understanding of needing magnificent love – or source power – as well as the capacity to manipulate one more human being in order to draw the power out of the individual. Starseeds know they can abuse humans who are young in their evolution, adjusting human beings via desire time programs in addition to making use of mass media to spread agenda. Starseeds know they can abuse various other Starseeds that follow divine ideal order, as those that adhere to magnificent right order do not look for retribution. Starseeds who abuse understand the mechanics regarding exactly how to adjust, which is to pull parasitic frequency, satanic forces or archetypes, into their bodies. It is like activating a software program in your mind that gives individual knowledge and also information about another person that enables the Starseed to act to damage down, disparage, and also ruin an additional individual’s life. It is criminal action that can not be prosecuted as it is undetected in physical fact. It is assumed based.

It’s Time To Celebrate Excitedly The Goodness Of God

Are you in anyway feeling depressing and unfulfilled at this time of the year? You shouldn’t be as well as offer the opponent space to be glad over you. The higher one has actually done greater things for you. For that reason, this is the moment to rejoice and celebrate the benefits of God. This write-up costs you to allow go of all that wishes to bring you down and commemorate the Lord who has done excellent things for you this year.

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