A Call for New ‘Revolutionaries’

This is an (overly) ambitious video. I attempt to explain the broad strokes of a philosophy and worldview, paint contrasts between an ’is’ and ’could be’, and most importantly, encourage unconventional broad-picture thinking of the type we so need right this moment. I’d ask you to try to part with labels (republican, conservative, socialist, capitalist..) as you listen, and consider that most of these are antiquated, constraining, narrow and unhelpful.. and that ideal solutions might be found elsewhere.

I’ve purposefully gone to some ’extremes’, mentioning (without elaboration!) things like centrally planned economies or meritocratic councils of judges to help eliminate vices and guide the cultural development path, in an attempt to break away from current thought-forms and conceptions and encourage unconventional thinking on the broadest level.

Things are moving very quickly now, with so many variables at play.. and though I do have a good feeling about the general ’inertia’, I can’t be certain what might occur in D.C. on the 6th, or 20th. For these reasons and others, I think speaking to specific solutions or paths forward is less valuable than finding core conceptions we might agree upon and rally around – and begin creating ’idea pathways’ accordingly.
The envisioning of new frameworks and fleshing out of such concepts takes time.. and the clock is ticking.

To summarize the key points,
I believe we need..
1. ..true ’nations’ – which aren’t like hotels, airports, or shopping malls, but rather a *home* to a *family*: ’Philia’ is key.
2. ..to simplify, and to learn to need and want *less*, with a renewed focus on what truly matters.
3. ..to studiously develop any new structure (political, economic, spiritual, philosophical) from the ground up with an eye towards staving off even the most creative attempts at subversion, parasitism, corruption foremost in mind.
4. ..to cultivate something of a new human type, an ’Overman’ that bends the knee only to God – immune to petty temptations and distractions, fostering a relationship with the divine in their place – everywhere seeking to manifest greater strength, health, and beauty
5. ..to be willing to fight not merely to better our own lot, but that of others.. with a recognition that a failure here essentially guarantees the international domination of an enemy ideology/culture – which would then proceed to place us foremost in the crosshairs, with unlimited money and manpower at their disposal – making it both the right thing to do, and an absolute *necessity*.

We may be nearing a point at which those that refuse to accept the worldview pushed by the media and their handlers will be ’locked out’, accordingly.. economically, socially/culturally, politically. The ’virus’ may be this trigger. The ideal preparation for this would be to reach a place where nothing is *needed* from this corrupt system and its willing collaborators, and to be in a position to help like-minds in similar positions around the world.

We really do all have a role to play.. that role may be something as straightforward as raising and educating a healthy and well-oriented child, or being a true friend and support to others.. or it may be something more involved. I’ve always found it a helpful visual to imagine we form a collective body, with each individual acting as a different organ or limb. A body works best when all play their prescribed roles (and only their prescribed role) to the best of their ability.

Lastly.. we had an excellent discussion regarding the creation of independent communities in our riot/Element community, which I regret missing out on. I recommend anyone interested in conversing or collaborating with like-minds considers joining us (www.element.io , create a free account and then email us the username at TPPAdmissions@protonmail.com).. and I’d like to reiterate: along with the goal of fostering friendships, alliances and social bonds, this environment is intended to be less a forum for me to lead and organize, and more a forum to cultivate leaders and organizers.
Proactivity is strongly encouraged.

I sincerely hope you’re all well, and keeping your gaze fixed upward.. we live in exciting times, and there’s every reason for optimism right this moment.

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