A New Channel is Born

The new Livestream-specific channel, for those interested:

As of the posting of this video, the Refuge is *alive* once again.
Use the link above to pay a visit, at any time.. and subscribe to be informed of all future streams. These streams will also be simultaneously broadcast to stream.me/ashalogos, a YouTube streaming alternative we should all begin considering becoming familiar with, and one I suggest all creators start duplicating their broadcasts to, if possible.

For those willing to help support:

A refresher of the social media platform concept, for those new to the channel:

Mother Enmeshed Men: Is A Mother Enmeshed Man Looking For The Love That He Missed Out On As A Child?

Although a mom tangled guy will certainly have lost out on the love as well as nurturance that he required extremely at an early stage, it does not indicate that he will no longer have these childhood years needs. No, these unmet needs will certainly have stayed inside him and also they will have a huge impact on his life.

Feng Shui – Myth Or Magic?

Feng Shui may seem like some far Eastern legendary subject best suited to individuals who live in the Far East! Yet it has actually been growing progressively preferred in the West given that the 1970’s and has some really sensible applications that can benefit any one of us – right here’s just how.

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