A TALE OF TWO CITIES // ‘Ballads of the Revelation’


This is a tale of two cities growin up side by side
A story of a harlot and a story of a bride
One follows the Lamb wherever He goes
The other another and oh how it shows
One is drunk on blood, the other drunk in love
One is pulling the triggers the other layin down their guns
One is doing the killing, the other doing the dying
One is Babylon and the other is Zion
One is fornicating like a prostitute
The other clean oh and resolute
To stay faithful and steady pure and unmoved
Radiant and ready, her love tested and proved

Fallin’ fallin’ Babylon is fallin’, but the saints are standing tall
Callin’ callin’, our Lord is callin’: “Come out of her before she falls!”
So come out of her now, listen to the call
Come out of her now before she falls

Here’s the funny thing about the bride
She’s no more righteous, she’s no more white
Than the whore that dirty harlot right
She’s just covered in the blood, made righteous in His sight
The great difference between the bride and the whore
Is the bride she knows she was made for more
Than to become a slave and a troubadour
For the enemy who will burn forevermore
When the seals and the trumpets and all of the bowls
Have run their course and taken their toll
And the last of the wicked have taken their stand
Against the Lord at the Lord’s right hand

She’ll overcome by the blood of the lamb
She’ll overcome by the wounds in His hands
She’ll overcome, in boldness she’ll stand
she’ll give her life for the lion the lamb

‘A Tale of Two Cities’ from FAI’s latest film, ‘Ballads of the Revelation’

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