Ancient Cloning Factories : AMAZONS / Foundlings & Incubators , Test-Tube Babies

Were there Cloning Factories in the past? Did the Ancients ever think of the ability to artificially create man? Make sure to watch the images, as many symbols are unveiled through pattern recognition alone. How about the myths and legends of old such as Prometheus and the sculpting of man, many myths were esoteric secrets disguised as legends. Yet when we explore the question of Ancient Human Farming, we are led to the first gods and goddesses, the most powerful of which were the fertility gods. One of the Wonders of the World, The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, was one of the largest buildings of its time, the largest bank, and home to the worship of Diana, or Artemis(The multi-breasted goddess), which goes back to the harlot gods of the Phoenician Astarte, and the Mediterranean Sumerian god Inanna/Ishtar/BAAL. The symbol for the cult of Artemis is the QUEEN BEE, is there secret symbolism being used in the symbol of Diana of Ephesus, being that she is a repopulation symbol, and they are not breast but EGGS/OVA. You can clearly see that the Statue of Liberty is linked to Libertas, which is connected with Minerva and other gods of liberty, who were all harlots. Being a prostitute back in the day was linked to “liberty” and so the freemasons used it as a symbol. Speaking of which, the Freemasons gave the gift of the “Statue of Liberty” or the Whore of Babylon during 1886, the photos look to be photo manipulated if you ask me. Still, regardless this statue was meant to be an ode to Ishtar or the queen bee, A repopulation symbol representing how America got its new immigrants through Ellis Island. This just so happens to be at the same time period that the orphan trains and “baby farming” were happening which hints at the inability of proper child care during the early 1900s. These Baby incubators were actually connected and made for foundling hospitals originally, Why did the foundling hospitals have so many premature babies? The incubator’s original design is based on a chicken incubator. Why does the foundling hospital have the Multi-Breasted Diana as its Logo, along with Libertas or the statue of liberty? How long has the idea of artificial human creation or farming been around? Is Alchemy involved?

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Mother-Enmeshed Men: Does A Mother-Enmeshed Man Need To Realise That He Has Rights?

If a man is in a position where he spends a great deal of time concentrating on his mother’s demands and neglects his very own, it can be clear to the outsider that something is not right. After all, he will be an individual with his very own life to lead; he won’t be below to function as an extension of his mother or any individual else for that matter.

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