Ancient Tanis, Ramses II, and the Largest Stone Statue Ever Made..

The ancient city of Tanis, once known as biblical Zoan, has a history that spans multiple ancient civilizations, and has been the source for some of the greatest treasure hoards to ever be recovered from antiquity.
Today, it is home to some incredible remnants of massive megalithic structures, and what might have been the largest stone statue ever executed by human hands. Renovated and re-claimed by ambitious kings of old, Tanis’s past is shrouded in mystery.
Join me as we attempt to decipher some of it’s past, and explore the history and evidence for ancient advanced technology in the capital of the delta of ancient Khemit.

Ancient Architect Channel video on the treasure of Tanis:
Evidence for Ancient High Technology, Part 1, Machining:
Evidence for Ancient High Technology, Part 2, Precision:
Serapeum Series, Part 5, Conclusions and Evidence:
Livestream – deconstructing attacks on Graham Hancock:
Livestream – exposing Wikipedia mainstream bias:

The High Line (Youtube Library)
Scott Gratton – A Moment
Scott Gratton – The Minutes

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0:00 Introduction
2:25 Tanis Overview
3:57 Tanis in movies
5:11 The treasures of Tanis
6:33 Megalithic remains
8:10 Hieroglyphic ‘rebadging’
10:30 Evidence from Petrie
11:12 Ramses II
22:21 The largest stone statue ever made
27:28 Analysis and conclusions
34:20 Orthodox bias and Tanis
38:08 Conclusion and post-script

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