BODIES IN THE STREETS OF JERUSALEM // ‘Ballads of the Revelation’

REVELATION: Chapter 11

For nearly forty-two months, this war has raged
And the siege of the Jerusalem was still holding
The battalions on the ground prepared their tanks for the final days; the resistance in the City appeared now to be folding

The Temple Mount there lay in ruin and in rubble
As the Generals gave the orders to advance the front lines, I saw two witnesses standing in the middle of the trouble—they were calling down fire and shutting up the skies

When they finished their testimony,
I saw the Dark Commander of the forces rise
Then with fury and violence, he cut the two men down T
heir slain bodies lay three days on the streets of
The City where our Lord was crucified
The nations gazed and marveled
Forbidding them to be buried in the ground
On the middle of the fourth day, I saw the slain men stand
The life of God now within them
Their enemies now drunk with fear failing to understand
At that very moment, a great earthquake shook Zion like a bell
Seven thousand people died, and tenth of the city fell

I heard a voice then thunder, after seeing what was just done:
“The second woe is passed, the third is soon to come”
Then a seventh angel stood and lifted one last trumpet to his mouth, echoing across the ranks of the armies of the kings of the north and of the south

In heaven loud voices began proclaiming, in glory: “It’s almost done; Behold, the Kingdoms of this world, they’ll now all become
the Kingdom of our Lord the Christ,
the Slain and Risen Son.”

It’s almost over now, it’s almost over now
These days of vengeance, these days of vengeance

‘Bodies in the Streets of Jerusalem’ from FAI’s latest film, ‘Ballads of the Revelation’

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