CE: Spiritual Warfare- The Unseen Dimension

Cutting Edge w/ John Hall and Jon Pounders

Spiritual and physical oppression are rocking the world in 2021.
Ancient Scriptures include defense tactics, offensive moves, and spiritual insight that will help us navigate the treacherous people and times that we encounter.

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Understanding the True Meaning of Holiness Can Help Us Avoid Negative Religious Legalism

Had something occurred these 38 years ago which had brought upon him this paralysis? Jesus had altered him physically. Jesus is now challenging him morally as well as spiritually. This circumstance is not truly regarding recovery. It has to do with sanctity. Two things were clashing – the religion of the letter as well as the life and power of God – typical male made regulations as well as the presence and moving of the Holy Spirit – a kind of vulnerable godlessness, and the may as well as mercy and love of Jesus Christ – bitterness or blessing – male’s methods, or God’s method!

A Crisis of Faith – When the Religious Bark Heresy

Oh, what a mess the church is in. However it’s often remained in a mess, made all the worse when males try to clean her up. Today, much more noticeable than ever via social media sites, there are sides of religion that actively oppose and war with each other.

Please Lord, Break Me So You Can Make Me

We never know this truth up until we come down with it, as well as the actual thing that wrecks us apart is the putting people back with each other. Yet oh, just how uncommon it is that we’ll be damaged to that factor of submission to God. What sounds sadistic is really the polar opposite.

Times Like Now Call for Discernment

It can be hard to recognize what God really wants in this age or any type of age. There are inconsonant voices worldwide as well as church, equally as much as there appear to be clashing Scriptures in the Bible. When leaders cherry-pick knowledgeables as well as flows to suit their angle of persuasion, and also they oppose each various other making use of the exact same holy tool, the world of Jesus spirituality instantly transforms murky, also frightening, particularly when it involves choosing the ‘right’ ethic to possess and also espouse.

Who Are Our Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides are extensions of hearts in a sense, as well as they are always connected with The Resource of All That Is. They are our assistants in the spirit globe. They come from all strolls of life as well as many times are our departed close friends and forefathers that have actually involved lead and aid us. Sometimes we have recognized each various other with several manifestations and also presences in the various other world. It is constantly an issue of choice to become a guide: not all spirits choose to be spirit overviews.

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