CNN reports Smartmatic VOTE FRAUD

CNN says SMARTMATIC is used for VOTER FRAUD in 2006.

CNN, who has long claimed that the software and mail-in ballots of the 2020 election were the most secure in history, do a full news report in 2006 on the massive fraud caused to change elections by Smartmatic software.

I ran across this 2006 CNN report whilst looking at prophecies from Kim Clement in the year of 2006.

You literally could not make this up.

The video discusses, in full length and detail no-less, how Smartmatic was used in Venezuela to switch the votes in favor of Hugo Chávez in 2004.

Chávez was very behind in the polls the night of the election. Yet, the next morning, he was ahead and declared victory in the election. Using Smartmatic, he apparently never lost an election again.

Chávez turned Venezuela into a very dangerous and extremely brutal third-world country. A once prosperous land, the people became starving under the brutal regime that had taken power by “fair and free election”. This happened nearly overnight.

Chávez also took control of the food distribution of the country. In doing this, the people starved.

None-the-less, Time magazine called Chávez one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2005 and 2006.

This may lead some to ask: Why do our medias praise dictators and systems which oppress and starve people whilst attacking full force men who cut taxes, fight for freedom, and improve the entire well-being of a nation?

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