CNN: the Prophecy of Trump

CNN’s Brian Stelter vs. Donald Trump in prophecy. In this video Brian Stelter of CNN discusses Trump’s claimed weakness by not speaking enough. Stelter indicates he believes Trump is down for count and that CNN and others have him by the throat.

On the other end, prophecy indicates Trump has a slim chance… a slim, slim, slim & small, small chance, all hope nearly lost ~ of only Biblical scope, only a miracle ~ like a David and Goliath fight while the medias and CNN chant David’s down!

In fact, prophecy of Kim Clement states that “… they will even say he is not speaking enough. But, God says, I have set him set him aside….. then highly embarrassing moments as another Snowden arises…. and people will become very afraid.”

It is is at this point in the prophecy that it talks about a nation that will come very suddenly. I am assuming that will be China.

In Kim Clement’s prophecies surrounding this time-frame he highly talked about some kind of secret deal between four nations that ends up going sideways. Those nations he names are: China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia.
I also pray for all four of these countries in this video. I particularly pray over Russia as I believe the Lord is working in the heart of that nation.

I thank all of you for watching. The prophecies do seem to all state ~ no matter how it looks ~ that Donald Trump will remain for another four years. I do not know how that materializes.

Our next full films coming are Nimrod and Exodus.

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This is a commentary on the battle of your age. Something unusual in history.

A special thanks to Kim Clement, Brian Stelter, Trevor Demaere, Rick Derringer, Roger Stone, Sean Stone and the Clement family.

Trey Smith

God in a Nutshell project

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