Consciousness and the Mystery of Existence – Documentary about Consciousness and Reality (2020)

An ancient idea is that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of existence are deeply connected. Today there are a number of respected physicists and philosophers who take this possibility seriously. In this documentary, we explore the possible connection between these two great mysteries.

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This documentary is a non-profit, educational film. All footage used with permission, or in compliance with fair use/fair dealing.

Non copyright/reuse-allowed music composed by Aleks Michalski and Dreamstate Logic.
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Earthbound by Dreamstate Logic
Dematerialized by Dreamstate Logic
Apogee by Aleks Michalski
InSight by Aleks Michalski

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Why is there something instead of nothing?
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Why is there something rather than nothing?
Why does the universe exist?

Is God To Blame For The Death Of A Loved One?

One of the most difficult concerns asked to Christians, and also commonly asked by Christians themselves is the inquiry regarding an excellent God allowing poor things to occur. This is be a difficult thing to find to grasps with. The factor this is so difficult is partly as a result of our misconception of that God is, what God desires, and also what God’s constraints are. As soon as we can respond to these properly, understanding the hard concern becomes simpler.

The Spiritual Road Ahead

It’s time to acknowledge that NOW is our spiritual “future.” Our spiritual “childhood” mores than and also it’s time to acknowledge as well as approve our duty as spiritual grownups. The spiritual landscape is altering, and also these modifications will need us to be strong, straight, and also active individuals with responsibility for the result of our options.

The Predetermination Quandary

The conventional notion of predetermination suggests you have no control over your personal fate. However, our searchings for show you have total control over it, though in a way various than you may think.

Passing Through the Light Into Another Plane of Existence

When many assume of dying, they obtain as nervous as a longtailed feline under a shaking chair. The idea of the unknown, as well as of losing their earthly setting of transportation terrifies the daylights out of them. From what we can learn from those who have actually gone before we locate there really is absolutely nothing to be afraid. Overlooking can be really relaxing and pleasurable, and as Winston Churchill once claimed, We have nothing to fear, yet fear itself.” When we pass from one measurement to an additional, what is usually described by those on the physical airplane as death, we pass through what many that have actually had a near-death experience as a tunnel causing a white light.

How To Stay Humble On The Spiritual Path

For many, lots of years I have asked yourself why there are people on this planet that realize and individuals who are not aware. A lot more specifically, I have considered why there are individuals that are violent as well as people that are not.

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