Cutting Edge: Dreams and Nightmares from God

Cutting Edge w/ John Hall and Jon Pounders

There are many mysteries in this world, but none more wonderous than dreams. Many people believe that the dream world can sometimes be a place where divine revelations and supernatural experiences are cultured. What does the Scripture say about dreams?


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Is There a Coaching Ministry Inside of You?

If you have a desire to end up being entailed in ministry then a training ministry could be a great chance for you. Beginning your very own training ministry can permit you to share your God-given presents, make a difference in the lives of others, and also leave a powerful tradition. Don’t conceal the purpose that God has put in you, unleash it, and after that launch it right into the globe. Since somebody requires what you have to provide.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

I’m making use of silver as an allegory to illustrate exactly how our greed as well as pursuit for materiel goods has actually transformed our seas and also land into a wasteland, full of disregarded packaging of things purchased with silver. Silver is the payment we get based upon how we’ve lived our life in previous manifestations.

What Happens When We Die?

A lot of us have often wondered what occurs to us when we pass away? It is an age old question and one that is hard to appropriately address because when we die, we theoretically can no more connect with those that we have left. There are people who have had a close to death experience or an out of body experience who have actually relayed their perception of what they ran into. Most of them tell of comparable encounters when they go back to our aircraft of existence.

Two Gospel Purposes in Every One Life

The conviction of the Holy Spirit was indelible. It went like this: 2 opposing ‘gospels’, however that which enhance each other. Allow’s say one is taught by Paul Washer or David Platt. The other is preached by Joel Osteen or Rob Bell.

Echoes Past of Deep Calling to Deep

Against the flow of growth, far from the discomfort of present, and into the discomfort of previous I went. A pain where deep made every effort to again fulfill Deep; where deep phoned call to Deep, and Deep answered.

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