Descent into Darkness! The Subterranean Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Descending into the subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza! A quick video I wanted to share while still here in Egypt – my footage from the descending passageway and into the deep subterranean chamber, in the bedrock beneath the Great Pyramid. Accessed as part of our 2-hour private visit into the structure during the 2020 UnchartedX tour of Egypt.
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Love Is One Immense Massive Word and Are There Not Many Who Long for a Love That Is Real and True?

Exactly how lots of people are browsing after as well as seeking love that is real as well as lasting? The number of wish to discover a love that satisfies and does not dissatisfy? This is a location I have been researching extensive over these past weeks and months and also although the solution is fairly uncomplicated and also fairly easy, there are really few that find and locate that fulfillment. What about you? Are you ready to pay the cost and also make the discovery and delight in the fruit of the true blessing of true dynamic and also energising love?

How Can I Be and Become More Loving in Business, at Home, and No Matter Where I Go?

How can I be and also end up being much more loving, even in business, in my recreation and satisfaction hours and also most significantly, in the house? Verses 22 and 23 of Galatians Phase 5 must be amongst the most stunning words which you could discover to review anywhere – pay attention to them once again. Yes, please do take time to review them. Exists anybody that could suggest any renovation? It would certainly be a daring guy that would seek to surpass Words of God – as well as only someone daft or wicked would certainly want to alter or customize it. Jesus Christ does not simply desire 1 or 2 of the features to expand. Jesus intends to create all nine characteristics in each of our lives. Again, you will certainly not find this in any various other confidence. This is an additional truth that makes the Christian Faith unique – God, the Holy Spirit, growing, producing, fruit in a man – and the fruit comes only from the Holy Spirit.

This Command Can Lead to a Life Full of Excitment, Adventure, and Fruitfulness!

Many appear to believe that serving Jesus Christ in the Church of Jesus Christ is boring and boring – never! As well as you go as well as serve in His love and also the risen and living Jesus outfits you as well as prepares you for whatever challenges you. If it were not for the Love of Jesus Christ and also the blessing power of the Holy Spirit I doubt if I would have been endure enough to make these current visits to Uganda as well as Kenya. There were some tough minutes in the slums of Kampala as well as Nairobi and out in the bush where I was showing at Leaders’ Seminars. Allow God the Holy Spirit to expand that amazing love within your heart and also mind and life. You never understand where it will certainly lead you and there you can be valuable and also beneficial as well as fruitful.

Develop Your Spiritual Gifts and Allow the God of Peace to Grow the Peace of God!

What are your gifts as well as what top quality of fruit might you be growing and also establishing in your life? Presents shapeless is harmful. It is like a boy with a rapid vehicle, yet character without presents can make us inefficient in the Kingdom of God. Develop your ‘gifts’ – whatever ‘gifts’ the Holy Spirit has actually offered you – and also permit the fruit to grow. There is the Peace of a tidy heart! Jesus Christ removes the sin – removes the transgression – and builds a bridge over which we can walk, and afterwards we can take pleasure in fellowship with God, and also fellowship with each other. It is truly quite simple. It may not show up straightforward at first view but as a person is led by the Holy Spirit and also has actually been born once more or birthed from above, that peace starts to expand. That priceless fruit creates and also matures.

Joy Is Much Deeper Than Pleasure or Happiness – It Is a Fruit Which You Can Grow in Your Life!

Exactly how are you for delight? Just how much joy exists in your life? Do you understand you can experience happiness whatever may be going on around you and regardless of what may be taking place within you? Joy is much deeper than enjoyment or happiness. Where did I find this and also is it genuine and also is it real? And equally vital is it appropriate and is it practical in these present times? One of the exciting features of words of God is this – you can be at war – you can be going via a really rough spot – with the mill – being ground down – even maltreated – and in some way love, pleasure, and also peace, can still be present. We are mentioning here the fruit of the Holy Spirit – not a response to what may or might not be going on worldwide around us. It is feasible to be offering in one of the most adverse circumstances, and still experience something of love, delight and tranquility.

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