Discerning Truth In Our Times – With Special Guest – Pastor Rob McCoy

As Christians, we need to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. How do we discern truth in the age we live in? Everything you hear in the news is not truth! Join us on discerning truth, with Pastor Rob McCoy.

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We’re Healed By Those We Reject

We deny those we are afraid. We reject those who are a hazard. We reject the weak because we’re afraid of our own weakness; when our very own instabilities are too difficult to birth.

Therapy Is the Ultimate Way of Taking Care of Ourselves

Treatment is a time where we are not taking care of any individual else. We are caring for ourselves, offering us the gift and also possibility to focus on us. What we assume, what we feel, what we desire, what we require.

Does God Ever Change His Mind?

God is holy, as well as has noticable judgment on sinners. Nevertheless, when sinners repent, He alters His mind, as well as does not accomplish the desired punishment.

PART 2 – What You MUST KNOW About Common Alternative Spiritual Practices Today

Have you ever before discovered that numerous Spiritual methods these days have you guiding, guiding, storing, envisioning and even compeling energy around yourself or when working with another person? Did you know that working with power by doing this has side results that are not all great?

We May Be Trapped in a Matrix Time Loop

Lots of people believe the physical realm or 3D fact we experience is a simulated virtual holographic setting. The suggestion of life remaining in a very realistic and convincing online fact world called “The Matrix” has actually been getting popularity over the years complying with the launch of the movie trilogy. During the first week of September, 2016, Bank of America Merrill Lynch sent an unusual memorandum to its customers. According to Organization Expert, “BAML included an infographic portraying a “future truth” mentioning there’s a 20 to 50 percent opportunity we’re residing in “The Matrix.”

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