DMT Entities and Higher Dimensional States of Consciousness

Are DMT entities real? Philosopher and consciousness researcher Andrés Gómez Emilsson offers an explanation for why many DMT trip reports describe encounters with super intelligent entities.

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DMT Trip Report
Alien Abduction
Higher dimensional
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Machine Elves

A Repentant Believer’s Prayer

Several criticise the so-called sinner’s petition. This is a version of a true follower’s prayer.

The Two Pillars Of Life In Modern Day America

Ever because the start of time, there has actually been a duality of life, good/evil, love/hate, light/darkness, night/day, male/female, spiritual/unbelief, and so on. In many societies, this is represented by the 2 pillars of life. In present-day America, the 2 columns could represent the separation of church and state, where the powers of federal government and the powers of the church are different however are suggested to function together to attain freedom and also freedom for all. No society can long make it through without the Poise of Providence, that was verified by the Israelites numerous centuries ago. Also in our very own history, it has actually been revealed lot of times exactly how the powers of Divine superintendence, as General Washington would certainly mention, have actually developed occasions that saved our republic. Several, often times throughout the American Revolution events transpired that can just be credited to a disturbance by some divine power that transformed the battle right into our favor.

Some Basic Spiritual Concepts

Spirituality manages points we believe in but mainly don’t see and also can not straight verify. Recognizing that your selections affect what happens in your life is an essential concept to comprehend if you desire to stroll the spiritual course.

Living the Dream! (A Sermon on 2 Corinthians 6:4-10)

“But as servants of God we have actually commended ourselves in every method: through fantastic endurance, in conditions, difficulties, catastrophes, whippings, imprisonments, troubles, labors, sleepless nights, appetite; by purity, understanding, perseverance, generosity, virtuousness of spirit, genuine love, honest speech, and also the power of God; with the tools of decency for the ideal hand and for the left; in honor as well as dishonor, in ill repute and also excellent repute. We are dealt with as impostors, and also yet hold true; as unidentified, as well as yet are well known; as dying, and also see – we are alive; as penalized, as well as yet not killed; as sorrowful, yet always …

The Life of Faith Isn’t a Picture-Perfect Life

I feel sad for Christians who regularly placed on a program concerning just how successful they are. They’re not living a true life if that’s all they provide to the globe. And they produce envy in others, which is a sin they ought to prevent. Why would we voluntarily put others in damage’s way of lure?

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