Existential Risk, Artificial Intelligence, and Consciousness | Toby Ord | Waking Cosmos

We live in a unique time in history, when humanity’s growing technological power risks destroying our vast potential in the universe. The philosopher Toby Ord calls our unique time, “the Precipice.” Today Toby joins me on Waking Cosmos to discuss existential risk, artificial intelligence, consciousness, and the far future of life in the universe.

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Toby’s Sites:
Main Website~ https://tobyord.com
The Precipice~ https://theprecipice.com
Toby’s Twitter~ https://twitter.com/tobyordoxford

Toby’s book, The Precipice is now available in hardback and audiobook.
The paperback edition will be released in the UK on February 18, and March 23 in the US.


Existential Risk
Artificial Intelligence
Anthropogenic Risk
The Future of Life
Trinity Test
Consciousness and AI
Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness
Nuclear Apocalypse
Nuclear Winter
AGI Artificial General Intelligence
The Precipice: Existential Risk and the Future of Humanity
Nick Bostrom
The Control Problem
AI Alignment Problem

Why You Need to Stay In The Matrix

When I initially found the profound fact that we stay in a matrix controlled by our very own ideas and also beliefs, I remained in shock. What stunned me even a lot more was when found out that we show up the 4th dimensional fact we experience not according to our own desires, yet instead by what the worldwide elite desires. Actually, many people on the planet have no concept that they can vibrationally move to an identical fact, one that can satisfy their desires.

Why Conspiracy Theorists Have Half A Brain

Weekly I become aware of a new conspiracy theory obtaining traction on social media. And also each time it baffles me just how stupid numerous of these individuals can be. A number of these conspiracy theory theorists have great intents, however that does not excuse them from the fee of bolstering lies.

How to Manifest Whatever You Desire

I understand it may seem insane that you have the power to manifest anything you want. But to be straightforward, it is an essential concept of deep space. Creation is abundance, implying it’s full. You can not contribute to it as well as you can not deduct from it. As a result, it is all that is and also ever will be. You as the co-creator of all that is just need to request that which you want to show up.

The Death of John the Baptist (A Sermon on Mark 6:14-29)

“So David went and raised the ark of God from the home of Obed-edom to the city of David with rejoicing; 13and when those who bore the ark of the LORD had actually gone six rates, he sacrificed an ox and a fatling. 14David danced before the LORD with all his might; David was girded with a bed linen ephod. 15So David and also all your house of Israel brought up the ark of the LORD with yelling, and also with the noise of the trumpet.

Vastu, The Yoga of Interiors

Signs attach us with a concept, principle, a person, a things and more so our sacred idea and their relation to deep space. They were utilized in the ancient times to get in touch with the unidentified and also uncomprehensible energy of the divine universes. Icons have their very own powerful energy as well as resemble guiding stars raising our power from the extremely core towards knowledge.

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