Fireside Chat Ep. 169 — Erasing Gender

There is an Orwellian push to change the words we use, for example eliminating “gendered language.” This may seem trivial but will end up having a big impact on our society in a bad way. Dennis Prager explains why.

Dennis’s Column: I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German’ —
Dennis Prager Addresses SAS: If You’re American, You Have Privilege —

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0:00 Wish You A Better New Year
2:32 House Of Rep: No Gendered Terms
6:18 There’s Always An Excuse For The Left
8:01 Why Should We Care?
11:44 The Left Destroying Your Past & Future
13:00 Bring Back The Love Of Freedom
16:47 An Interruption By Snoopy
18:32 Quick Thoughts On Snitching
19:22 How Can People Find Passion?
24:08 What Enabled The Insane Restrictions?

Master Number 11

In the area of numerology there are 3 master numbers, 11,22, and also 33. A master number has extra strength making it possible for a soul to try to perform particular goals and also goals.

Worldly Strength Is Spiritual Weakness

The scripture is a mystery in lots of a sense, and here is but one dramatic instance. There is a toughness we depend on that is an essential negative aspect. This is the trouble that runs cross grain to the good information. But we are to be guaranteed, the excellent information is constantly good information. The excellent news is God doesn’t require us strong.

The Pastoral Opportunity

As God functions out His objectives in people’s lives, as suffering, as pastor, work comfort into their lives with His poise. As experiencing works into people’s lives, function out of His elegance in their presence … so they might see Him, and also react in faith.

What Would Jesus Say to Men and to Women?

What might Jesus state if He were to talk to the ordinary males and female? Lots of males and females know Jesus, but what might Jesus actually claim to us if He were to talk with us directly, in person?

God Is Angry With The Wicked

Words of God tells us in Psalm 7:11 (KJV), “God judgeth the exemplary, and God is angry with the worthless daily.” It is possible a person might presume words worthless in the above Scripture verse to refer only to a person who dedicates an awful act versus an additional person or group of individuals, and rightly so.

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