FOR A THOUSAND YEARS // ‘Ballads of the Revelation’


For a thousand tongues to sing
Of a thousand years to bring
All His promises to pass and fulfill prophecy
When the final trumpet has been blown
The dragon will be seized and thrown
Into a pit none to atone—for a thousand years

For the souls who had been slain
Sitting on their thrones to reign
In the dynasty of David’s King
For a thousand years

Death, hell, and sea give up your dead
Upon them all fall awe and dread
To be condemned just as was said
After the thousand years
Earth and sky will flee away
Before the Judge and Potentate
Their deeds and works they will be weighed
After the thousand years

All who refused to submit to Him
Will be then cast into
The Lake of Fire in justice true
After the thousand years

The accuser of our brothers, he has been cut down
Our enemy is vanquished, he in chains is bound.
The savage days have given way to a thousand years of peace
After the final death of death and the awaited wedding

He’s been faithful to every word He’s ever spoken
He’s been faithful and true through it all
He’s been faithful to every word He’s ever spoken
He’s been faithful and true through it all, through it all

‘For A Thousand Years’ from FAI’s latest film, ‘Ballads of the Revelation’

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Awareness and Liberation

Today the individual has an obligation to respond to life, to feel life, to come to be aware. This liberation or freedom is attained in the giving up of the private personal self in support of the Divine, which is all selves, all events in duality as well as even more, and past all opposites and duality.

Safe Harbor

Do you consider yourself to be fortunate or clever? Can you develop and also plan a perfect life on your own and for those you enjoy? You may do far better than you believe, if you have the best aid.

Engage Desperate Cry To The Eleventh Hour God

What else can you do to result modification at this eleventh-hour of the year? The days are rolling by as well as the year is almost gone, with your assumptions yet to emerge. Additionally, your hope is dwindling away faster than you can develop it. So, it’s time to offer it an additional press. This post motivates you to engage a hopeless cry to God, who specializes in doing marvels also in the dying minutes.

Signs of Demonic Possession

Undesirable entity attachment and adverse power belong of life, yet most individuals aren’t knowledgeable about this hidden trouble, or how it can affect their lives. The resource of the unwanted energy can be negative energy guided at you from an opponent (which can additionally be from a past life and also rollover to your present), a shed spirit that occurs to join your power, or a demon or demon-like entity that is assaulting you for numerous reasons.

It’s Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Xmas period is a terrific time of the year for great deals of individuals, yet sadly, not for every person. You and I will certainly see people lugging vacation plans, however we might not recognize what they are continuing the within. It’s a wonderful season to display love and empathy to all.

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