From The ProFamily Legislators Conference – The Real Pandemic Is Civic Ignorance. #Truth

Today we bring you a special session from the ProFamily Legislators Conference, featuring our own Rick Green. There is no denying the seriousness of our situation as a nation Spiritually, Constitutionally, Economically, etc. Why have people so easily given up our precious rights? Tune in to hear why the real pandemic is civic ignorance.

What Might the Best Body Posture Be in Times of Challenge and Danger and Spiritual Attack?

One key to standing solid is stooping frequently. Whatever might that mean and also whatever might that entail? Peculiar regulations are being passed in nowadays as well as most of them extremely unethical. It is not the very first time this has actually occurred. There are individuals that always appear to want to be transforming the culture as well as the fundamental principles in a society where that principles has stood great for years and has actually offered well, and also there is a reason for that. Anxiety is merely a feeling which does not last. Every emotion is momentary. Daniel would not allow his feelings to regulate his choices. Fear has been explained as incorrect proof appearing genuine. Our emotions can exist to us. Concern can be awkward as our hands end up being perspiring as well as we sense breathlessness. Fear expands when we offer into it.

Jesus Made It So You Will Make It Too

Do you recognize that absolutely nothing can stop you from making it to heaven? Your Dad ensured that the path to paradise is protected through His Kid Jesus. He sent Him ahead of you to make sure you do not locate the method or miss your way. This write-up worries that if Christ won the race you can make it also.

The Evil Heart of Unbelief

What can maintain you from going into the rest of God? There continues to be a remainder for all that will certainly sustain till completion. The prize for sustaining till the end is excellent so also the consequence of not enduring till the end. Interestingly, what you get at completion is YOUR option. This write-up stresses heart of rejection as what will prevent you from getting in the rest of God and also encourages you to quit it prior to it quits you.

It’s Ash Wednesday Again

The period of Lent observed by Christians begins with Ash Wednesday which is a day when Christians are noted with ash on their temple. This is likewise a day of fasting and also abstinence. In this post I have actually offered a background to Ash Wednesday and explained its spiritual value.

Blue Mountain Focus

As I travel this roadway called “LIFE” I uncover a growing number of that where I place my focus determines my emotions, mindset, reactions and also activities. In the last few years with struggles of getting older as well as handling aging parents, I tend to end up being, what I call, “Blue Mountain concentrated”.

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