Genesis: Garments from the Garden of God

Genesis: Garments from the Garden of God is part one of a multiple documentary series which will go all the way through the Garden of Eden, Nimrod, and to the other side of the Exodus.

For the full documentary on the Garden of Eden and Fall of man streaming immediately:

Each film will tell a story of these events in a way rarely covered, combined with evidence, of the beginning of our world.

The first film, roughly two hours in length, is available for partners of the God in a Nutshell project. You can become a partner with us at: Partners (

God bless all of you. Enjoy the ride. I think you will like this one.

Trey Smith

Teenage Misconceptions About God

Teens are young people between the age brace of 13-19 years. At this phase in their lives they go through many physical as well as psychological changes.These include voice changes in young boys as well as bigger busts in women among numerous other.Given that they are still expanding as well as on the exploration course of their lives, they are bound to get influenced from different quarters. This impact could be positive or unfavorable. Unfavorable impact could originate from peers, social networks and also their moms and dads or guardians. Due to interest and also the wish to understand about life, they are vulnerable to being misguided regarding many points including God the designer. Read on to recognize even more about teenage misunderstandings about God.

When the Kingdom Comes, It Will Confound You

WE ARE difficult to please, us Christians. We intend to be utilized by God, effective in His Kingdom, but we never ever realise what it will certainly set you back.

On Music and The Art of Letting People Go

Among things that undergoing a lot fatality in my world has truly taught me is the art of letting people go. If you find that you are having difficulty with it, do not beat yourself up. We all have to discover to have faith that what really belongs to us, will constantly appear in our world in the form of new people, brand-new situations or brand-new relationships.

Numerology and Break-Ups: How Each Number Behaves

Numbers represent qualities, beyond plain amounts, and for hundreds of years different worlds have actually used numerology to infer timing, compatibility, as well as individuality attributes. Numerology, otherwise referred to as number necromancy in old times, is among our favorite approaches of divination.

How Does One Know When God Is Speaking to Them?

This is a trouble for lots of that can not choose who is routing their lives. Enjoying a Pentecostal service in which the pastor called people to the front to receive the Spirit he had to constantly enhance the message. While they were attracted by confidence to the concept that they can obtain the Spirit and also with it listen to God speak with them their questions versus the concept were also noticeable.

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