God is Leading us to Put HIS Kingdom FIRST (Kingdom of God Documentary Details!)

If you have felt a pull to seek God like never before, and to place His Kingdom first again… you aren’t alone. The Holy Spirit is leading His people for such a time as this. This video explores some of the topics that will be covered in detail in the upcoming Kingdom of God documentary! Don’t miss it!

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• All featured films here will be credited at the end ups the upcoming Kingdom of God documentary.

Repent And Believe The Gospel

God takes you even with the method you are! However you need to repent and admit your absolute dependence on Jesus. You will certainly find that when you go to your weakest factor, God is your Greatest Resource of Aid! God wants you to repent, think the Scripture as well as come to Jesus. So what are you awaiting? Please review this teaching write-up immediately!

This Is What God Will Do For You And Me

The Holy Spirit desires to get us entering the ideal direction. The connection God desires to have with us will be genuine as well as individual. Jesus stated, whoever serves me must follow me. What God does for you as well as me is not depending on our past. God has new plans for you and me. You can find out about it right below! Today!

How To Help Your Faith Grow

Did you review God’s Word today? God has provided you His Word so you can hear it and also state it to aid your belief expand. Currently listen very meticulously! I’m so fired up regarding this! Your life is mosting likely to follow your thoughts, so have ideas of belief. Maintain your emphasis and also interest on the Word of God. Will you disregard it or accept it? Right here’s a mentor post that will certainly aid you pick.

How To Walk In The Light Of Jesus

When you walk in the light you move into a whole new and exciting degree of relationship with God. You walk in the power of His Word and you have words operating in you impacting your entire life. Do you see what’s possible? It’s not a coincidence you’re reading this today! Walking in the light refreshes you to maintain living for God! Let me assist you get going.

Raw Spirituality: Discover Your Concealed Personality Part 5

Ultimate spirituality, partly, involves uncovering your covert personality, the distinctive staminas as well as weak points that are beneath your persona. Try as you might, you aren’t actually in control of your subconscious mind which substantially affects your behavior.

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