History of the West in View of the East – fr. John Strickland

Fr. John Strickland is a parish priest who is also the author of a series on the the history of Christianity from the point of view of the relationship between the East and the West.
We explore the shift in culture produced in the West which can be traced all the way to the court of Charlemagne, and how this shift grows in the Renaissance to give us the modern age and its fragmentation.


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An Army of One

The actor John Wayne said, “Life is hard. It is tougher when you are stupid.” He suggested that by using your usual sense, you may familiarize the purpose of your life and stay clear of obstacles to that function.

Be Not Anxious For Your Heavenly Father Knows That You Have Need Of These Things

Are you nervous concerning your economic state? Lots of thinking Christians live as if they are orphans or that they have a reckless Papa. Yet they are living totally out of ignorance or disobedience. If men know just how to provide good gifts to their kids just how much a lot more God your Dad! This post stresses that you ought to not be anxious regarding anything as a child of the Almighty God.

Be Jesus Donkey And Walk On Blessings

Are you Christ’s donkey? The here and now Church of Christ is not seeing the step of indicators and asks yourself the early Church saw due to the fact that we have much less donkeys of Christ than they had. This impersonates a large limitation to the symptom of God’s power in our time. This article urges you to become a real Jesus donkey and afterwards walk on true blessings.

A Surrendered Life Is The Vessel God Will Use

Do you desire to be a vessel highly made use of by God to do excellent points? This is a great desire, yet many Christians discover this desire improbable from them. Remarkably, Christ is searching for people to use to show His power as well as bring down God’s magnificence on earth; however, really couple of individuals prepare to be made use of by Him. This write-up gives what it requires a ready vessel God will certainly make use of – a surrendered life.

The Truth About Your Spiritual Purpose

Spiritual concepts abound today relating to discovering your calling, as well as the typical message can be summed up like this: Follow your heart to straighten yourself with as well as discover your divine objective, as well as you’ll find joy as well as all the abundance you desire, while avoiding life’s difficulties. We enjoy spiritual motivation, however we advise maintaining your feet on the ground since New Age delusions, such as the platitudes over, can collapse against the rocks of reality in the real life.

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