How To Be A Mensch: Religious, Kind – Pirkei Avot

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What Works for Us, When Life Works Against Us

God revealed me lately, it is excellent when life functions against me, because that is the only time I can respond in a godly method. I can not react in a godly way when ton of money are good, when I’m being ‘blessed’, when I have nothing to grumble about. I can just react as a person remotely connected to Christ when things do not go my way.

Faith – A Must Have In Warring With Prophecies

Do you think that the prophecy will be satisfied in your life? It is something to war with the prophecy as well as it is another point to think that your prayer has actually been answered. Praying without faith is praying with the expectation that the prayers will not be addressed. This article highlights that you are to war with prophecies in faith.

Suffer With God or Suffer Without?

THAT was the question propounded me. Is there any type of advantage to experiencing God rather than suffering without confidence?

Entering the Cauldron of the Overcoming Life

THIS article has to do with loss, not victory, since we require techniques for defeat if we’re to properly envision success as well as experience it. A solid offense really feels excellent, however it falls level if we can’t play protection.

Twin Flames: Do They Exist?

There has actually been much discussion about Twin Flames, who they are, as well as even if they exist. Even today, there are several who believe there is no such point as a twin flame, or twin spirit. As we come to be more mentally in song, increasingly more details is disclosed to us from our higher source and also as a result our understanding proceeds. Among many people, there has been little doubt that on some level they do exist, ultimately, you can not ignore the feelings of your spirit. We can only learn higher understanding as we advance up the ladder of discovering, slowly, taking each step as it comes, progressing along life’s path.

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