I did Jocko’s burpee challenge for 30 days straight #jockowillink #jockofuel #defreset

Discipline Equals Freedom RESET is a one-month mission to implement behaviors that get you ON THE PATH

Being Seen: Can Being Seen Be Painful If Someone Experienced Childhood Trauma?

What somebody may discover, that’s if they were to step back and review their life, is that they have the propensity to conceal that they absolutely are. They might even state to themselves that they usually use a mask around others.

Shamed-Based Identity: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Be Shame-Based?

For some individuals, shame is something that they experience from time to time and, when they do, it commonly does not spend time for long. For others, embarassment is something that they experience on a routine basis and also, when they do, it can typically spend time for a very long time.

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