Interviewing Yousef Awyan – discussing the mystery and technologies of Ancient Egypt!

An interview with Yousef Awyan, stonemason, guide and musician, where we discuss many topics around the mysteries and technologies of Ancient Egypt.

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The Innumerable Benefits of Shani Pooja on Our Being

In Vedic Astrology, Lord Shanishwara is discussed with fantastic respect and also fear also! It is a deep Karmic connection that Lord Saturn is connected with. When one is afflicted by Lord Shani, it is no more feasible to escape the fruits of one’s Karmas. For one’s fates of the past, one discovers the end result.

Price For Salvation

God’s desire is for everyone to be saved. He has actually given us the needed grace that can enable every person from every country to be saved. Nevertheless this redemption was enabled by the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ. Redemption is our by the priceless blood of Jesus Christ.

Benefit of Salvation: All Sins Forgiven

There are terrific benefits affixed to our salvation in Christ Jesus. If there no benefit connected then Christ will not have such a big price. The Bible affirms to the important things that come with salvation and among such is that all our sins are forgiven at the instant if our salvation.

Are You Struggling Through Life?

Are you annoyed that your life isn’t what you always desired it to be? Have you attempted to force points to exercise in your life, as well as it still didn’t occur? Are you worn down attempting to figure life out?

Message From the Universe: Life Is Not to Be Taken Too Seriously

If you are always too serious concerning life, you will certainly never have a life. It is very important to incorporate both excellent as well as poor, striving and also playing hard. There is no straight line to living a life, unless if you are flat lined and dead. So the reasons life is like a roller coaster, it represents what you see on the EKG, which there are ups and also downs, which represents life, and the blood that distributes in your body. Be happy for living that life.

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