IPOC Episode #1 On the Importance of Pulling Back

My first ’podcast’

I think this will be the only episode I post here.. the rest I’ll be posting on Patreon, and some other (free) location yet to be named. I wanted to be able to do something nice for my neglected handful of Patrons, and at the very least will be offering them first access.

I’m calling the podcast ’In Pursuit of Clarity’, and this will be Episode #1: On the Importance of Pulling Back to a Broader Perspective.
I value your time, so I’ll be trying to keep them concise and efficient.

I hope to create at least two per week, and don’t expect they’ll slow video creation.. in fact I’m hoping to pick up the pace.

Also, give me your money
(is that direct enough for you, Sam?)
Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/AshaLogos
One-time donation – https://streamlabs.com/ashalogos

I jest. Only if you’re easily able to, and you resonate with my message.
Help me create things.. and not just multimedia content. I have plans.

Does A Mother Enmeshed Man Need To Start Saying ‘No’ To His Mother?

It is extremely essential for a male to not just have the ability to say yes as well as no, but to actually indicate it when he says each word. Having this ability will enable him to pay attention to and also safeguard himself.

Mother Enmeshed Man: Why Would a Mother Enmeshed Man Have Trouble Expressing His Needs And Feelings?

Although having requirements and also feelings belongs to the human experience, it does not suggest that a guy will feel comfy with them. As a result of this, it could be normal for him to ignore them.

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