Iran & China: the prophecy

This video covers prophecies of Kim Clement as they relate to the election, Iran and China. A far more complete write-up on these topics by Trey Smith is available at:

God bless all of you ~ I also pray very heavily for those in states which are requiring heavy, heavy lock-downs. I also pray for those in California, that the Lord lift that state.

I also pray for all those losing their businesses, homes and jobs. I pray over America and that she shall see light again.

God in a Nutshell project
Trey Smith

God’s Use of and Delight in ‘the Least of These’

NOT great points. Ordinary points, by interpretation. Commonplace points. Dull. Unattractive. These are things of the Kingdom.

The Fear That Drives Ignorance

It’s a reality that lots of are scared of education because of their worry of offending either their gods or ancestors. As a scientist the evidence that emerges from the simplicity with which spiritual organisations convert tribal individuals to their reasoning stands apart. Obvious the usage of anxiety based dangers does it.

Dying Every Night

This was an interesting idea that involved me with reading a Dr. Wayne Dyer publication called Wishes Satisfied. To do this a person needs to identify that there is a trip we take each evening. That trip enables us to help command our subconscious mind. To me it comes to be one of a favorable as well as informing frame of mind. Trying to do this on a nighttime basis takes some work but is completely worth it in the end. This post will explain a trip of the mind.

I Am Afraid to Ask, Does Evil Exist?

The one doctrine which had me in chains for many a year was the principle of False God’s and/or the presence of evil. The inner turmoil that I permitted this bondage to create me was at times extreme and incredibly harmful. I am so extremely thankful that I am a candidate, due to the fact that I have actually been able to locate my back to the primary highway of light as well as love.

The Sustaining Power of Hope in One Memory of Victory

SIMPLY one taste of success – one singular experience – suffices to influence hope that hope can occur again. Also amidst failing after defeat after relapse after dissatisfaction. In the middle of trials through despairs with trauma with disaster. If what strikes us is juxtaposed with view of opportunities, genuine occasions that have taken place previously, a future we can count on exists.

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