It’s Inauguration Day – Is All Hope Lost? #WallBuilders #2021 #truth #History

It’s January 20, the day Biden is to be sworn in. Has God forsaken America? How can we have joy at a time like this? Is this the beginning of a new era in the United States? Tune in to hear why we still have hope for the future!

#WallBuilders #2021 #truth #History #America #Faith #Bible #local #state

Why Frown on Reincarnation When the Evidence for It Is Strong?

At the very least two-thirds of my life were spent attempting to hide the fact that I have memory of my reincarnation. This coincides with lots of who have recalls or recall their last death, as in my situation. The hearing problems against it is committed by spiritual leaders that drive people into members with hazards as well as incorrect promises.

God’s Plan in Action

Throughout the 1980’s I was provided several visions concerning the last days and the views shown to me were so dreadful that I asked not to be shown anymore. In one such vision there were individuals crawling in their very own excreta as well as vomit with the dead and also dying around them. It was not something that was seen by me prior to however in the last couple of days as well as in previous times it was.

What Is ‘Source’ in Spiritual Terms?

If you have actually heard people referring to ‘resource’ in spiritual terms, you may question what they get on about. This is what I think ‘source’ to be.

God’s War and Men With Lethal Toys

Men have actually constantly gone to the center of violence and battles. Most of them tend to enjoy the attack against adversaries as well as in winning purposefully against the other-side. In the long-run what is all of it concerning?

The Temptation In The Garden Of Eden

What exists to find out from the temptation that took place in the Yard of Eden? Many individuals can only remember the account of the temptation in Genesis 3 for the fall of guy and also the penalties provided to the Adam, Eve and also the serpent. But there are various other things to discover from there. This short article shares some various other things to choose from the lure of Adam as well as Eve.

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