This Kim Clement letter you want to hear is from 2006 in North Carolina.

In the video, I referenced Lindsey Graham as being North Carolina, when he is actually South Carolina. Sorry for the mistake. We are praying for Lindsey Graham. I do very much like him, and like the Carolinas as well.

In this prophecy, transcribed into a text letter, you will hear about events that sound probably like the time you are in.

I simply lay that that in your hands.

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Right Stewardship – Pathway To Greatness

Are you a guardian of the mysteries of God? Is your service right and also acceptable prior to God? God is a rewarder of those that faithfully seek Him (Hebrews 11:6) and one of His benefits is achievement (Genesis 12:1 -3). This post is intended at ensuring that your solution unto God results in achievement in life.

Thank God for Life and Then You’ll Live

GOD has provided us something for which we can never ever settle. Life. Our lives. This is a Note to Self (read as yours at your discretion as well as peril).

The Reason We Learn to Dislike the Real Jesus

Unless we see that we are the ones with the log in our own eye we can not get in the kingdom of heaven. Till we concede their transgression is a speck from our point of view we can not be healed and will certainly remain utterly broken. Lest we see that, as far as Jesus is worried, He can just heal us as we allow Him to, we’re desolate.

Peace Amid the Anxieties of Daily War

TIMES OFF are not necessarily a blessing, nor are days at work always a curse. Tranquility might evade the one, but be placed centrally in the other. Yet, based on happiness, tranquility is an enigma. So much of our peace comes from the mind; procuring as well as having it through proficiency of thought, of letting go, amidst experience. And only for the currently.

Self-Development: Variability & Singularity

For the spiritual traveler, one of the enigmas is significant irregularity among Oneness. For instance, why exist so several faiths? Can they all be proper? For many tourists, this duality is integrated by the Unity of Development experience.

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