Kim Clement Prophecy! Blackouts And World Wars?

I told you I’d start releasing prophecies on Prophetic Rewind for the rest of the month on a recent Current Events broadcast at the House of Destiny Network, and I have found two very important prophecies on the Den from 2015 and 2013!

It’s time to focus carefully on some of these hidden treasures again. God has repeatedly promised us victory and exposure and we are witnessing it this very week!

Do not give up! Keep your eye on the promises of God, trust only in HIM. This week, these prophecies I have found have pierced my soul and given me a light in the darkness.

Let the Glory of God cover the earth!

Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua!

Donné Clement Petruska

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Dominion Over Marital Challenges

Are you having marital issues? Marital obstacles are real however what is more genuine is the truth that you have rule over these difficulties. God will certainly never ever permit any obstacle greater than you to find your way. The concern is just how you take on the issues that come your method. This post offers you the ground on which to stand to exercise your rule over all marriage issues.

Why You Must Love Praying To God Always

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Prayer and Fasting-A Good Way To Start The New Year

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Unbiased Spirituality

Empathy, Happiness, Equanimity, Unconditional Love, Philosophical mindfulness and also a balanced perspective of Psychology are the core features of honest Spirituality. Also ‘conventional religious beliefs’ allow themselves to have these point of views. One’s Spiritual Course is a personal “Journey” towards Enlightenment of one’s Soul. Not a regret trip. Belief is not concerning being afraid ‘God’… It’s all concerning love.

All Theologies Spiritual Traditions and Religions Believe in Some Sort of a Life After This One

Spiritual Practices such as Hinduism, and also non-religious based customs of Buddhist, Zen, Tao, Tibetan Bon … rundown doctrines that develop an even more straight technique to generally attaining comparable precepts and merits with emotionally balanced rational viewpoints. At the core of these Spiritual Traditions, a technique of reflection is vital to assist one find their ‘facility’… their Buddha Nature, Christ Awareness or in Hindu, their True Self. This forms a straight method to following in the Pure Awareness of our True Nature of Being … Linking to the Ground of our Being is important to our well remaining in this life … And also in the intermediate duration of Bardo in between this life … and whatever comes next off.

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