CANADA, COLORADO, NEW MEXICO, NEW YORK, CHICAGO, WASHINGTON D.C. ENGLAND, THE POPE. BETRAYAL. WE MUST PRAY WITH INSIGHT AND NOT FEAR! For God, NOTHING is impossible! God is preparing the world for true prophets of God. Kim prophesied about nations crying out the name of God. He felt the presence of enemies surrounding him in his prayer time in the Garden, and that those enemies were there because of truth that was to be revealed in the future. Those who are with us are greater than those who are against us, and all we need is to see what God has revealed to his prophets in this time. An unprecedented move of the Spirit is coming, and it’s coming quickly!

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Praise God, It’s A New Year!

It’s a new year. Commend God, you made it into the New Year! A new year, clean slate, new opportunities as well as another opportunity to do better than before. No issue how in 2015 was, this year provides you the privilege to do much better. This post encourages you to commemorate, for God that caused you to see this year will certainly be there to aid you take better steps this moment.

Who Are “We”? Who Are “You”? Are “We” Completely Defined As Our Egos?

Where in your physical “you” is that actually who you are? Are “you” in your heart? We do a whole lot thinking so are “we” in our mind? … Or just how about in our mind? … yet physically, where is our mind? Our eyes do the looking … however ‘who’ is doing the seeing? Every one of our detects do the noticing … however once more, ‘who’ is doing the experiencing? Every one of these detects are brought to our brain as electro-chemical impulses … The mind translates this data, as well as our conceptual mind assesses, judges, compares, factors … and identifies if we should deal with or take flight. If there is a perceived danger or if a person is possibly attempting to make enjoyable of us, benefit from us or test our vulnerable eggshell vanities … “We” become the impression of our conceptualizing mind incorrectly centered around the complex psychological influences our egos lay over on ‘who’ ‘we’ take ‘ourselves’ to be.

Is There an Ego?

Exists ego or not? Do we have one? Is it desirable whatsoever? What is it? Why are we so overwhelmed with the endless spiritual messages-usually negative-concerning vanity?

What’s Your Story? (A Sermon on Mark 8:27-38)

“Jesus went on with his devotees to the villages of Caesarea Philippi; and also en route he asked his disciples, “Who do individuals state that I am?” As well as they answered him, “John the Baptist; as well as others, Elijah; and still others, one of the prophets.” He asked, “But who do you state that I am?

Psychiatrist Claims Demonic Possession a Real Problem

After 25 years of experience in exclusive practice and also as a teacher at New York Medical University and also Columbia College, and evaluating thousands of belongings instances, Dr. Richard Gallagher thinks belongings is genuine. He is additionally the writer of Demonic Enemies, A Psychiatrist Explores Demonic Ownership in the Modern USA.

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