Marcus Aurelius – Meditations

Marcus Aurelius’ ’Meditations’ wasn’t intended to be published, or even *seen* by anyone but Aurelius himself… yet it contains some of the most powerful and sublime wisdom ever penned.

For those who haven’t yet read – I strongly recommend.


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Robbed, Wounded and Abandoned to Die (3)

You are being recovered currently! You are liing, saved and restored. I said that you will not nurse those injuries again. You will certainly say goodbye to mope because pain, despondence and also remorse. Our God specializes in turning wounds and also pains into sweet taste and also achievement. Yes, pains, injuries and marks make generals. Real. Show me a general and also I will certainly show you a guy with scars and also near-death experiences from fights. Do you intend to be fantastic? After that you need to be all set to gather scars, injuries, opponents, deprivals, dishonesties and battle celebrities. Even Jesus experienced them all. Yes God provided him a name that is over all names in paradise, in the world and under the earth (the waters), however that was not without marks. He experienced burglarizing, wounding, deserting and also ultimately was killed.

Mother-Enmeshed Man: Has A Mother-Enmeshed Man Been Castrated?

If a person was ahead across a man that is mentally entangled with his mommy, what can quickly attract attention is that he overlooks himself and also does not stand his ground. So, it will certainly be as though he does not have demands or have the capacity to shield himself.

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