MR: Anunnaki Gold and Egyptian DMT

Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders on NYSTV

Some of the Esoteric have invested their entire life in searching the mysteries we will be discussing tonight. Scientists, wizards, magicians, and researchers have been chasing the answers and rituals for thousands of years. Let’s see what happens when we shed the Light of Yah on this ancient mystery.

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Embracing the + in the LGBTIQ+ (Sermon on Acts 8: 26-40)

“Then an angel of the Lord said to Philip, ‘Get up as well as go toward the south to the road that drops from Jerusalem to Gaza’ (This is a wild road)”. (Acts 8:26) It offered me a little bit of a chill today when I considered our analysis from the publication of Acts and saw it opening up with a referral to the road from Jerusalem to Gaza. We are informed clearly there that it is a ‘wilderness roadway’ – a term which, when it shows up in Scripture, normally suggests something greater than it being just one more …

Easter Sermon 2018

Satisfied Easter … once more. When I claim ‘once more’, I’m not just mentioning the reality that I’ve currently given you Easter greetings today, however I imply ‘once more, this year’, as this is currently my 28th Easter as parish clergyman of the church of the Holy Trinity in Dulwich Hill!

How Do I Know I’m Doing God’s Will?

It’s a concern every ardent fan of Jesus need to undoubtedly ask, and also consequently it’s a question worth discovering. Just what type of circumstances are signs that we’re doing God’s will? I would certainly venture a few of the following:

Am I Seeking You, God, or Power?

I have a sticky note glued to a cabinet in complete consider as I type these words. It’s a prayer. It goes like this: Lord, make me aware of what I require to be familiar with in THIS scenario. Amen. Now, I have an additional one just as vital.

Why Psychic Reading Will Never Ease Your Pain

If you shed an enjoyed one, you currently experience a great deal of pain. A person you enjoyed died as well as left you all alone. Why ?! Why ?! Why?! There is no response. You desire to figure it out so you might desire to reconnect with them as it is never also late to talk again. It will certainly be much better due to the fact that you seem like a crap.

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