NFL QB Aaron Rodgers: We can’t rely on government to help small businesses

NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers sums it up perfectly: we can’t rely on government to help small businesses. People helping people is the way to go. Dennis Prager puts it another way: “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” Every society in history has shown us that, as government grows, human freedom and happiness shrinks. Can we get back to the principles of liberty and individual responsibility?

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My Life Experiences Part-II

This short article is 2nd component of my post My Life Experiences. I am attempting to share some typical experiences of my life that we all can recognize if we have a little self understanding.

To the One Who Knows You and Loves You As You Are

The world might reject you as well as act it doesn’t know your name, however there is One who never declines and also will always remember your name, because He named you from eternity’s dawn. The globe may believe you’re weird and unworthy paying attention to, however there is One that, being the only true Judge, completely gets you as well as remains on your every word as well as dignifies you, taking your deepest wish seriously.

Give God Total Control

Our lives can be like a trip on the interstate looking for a town we have actually never traveled to in the past. Life can deal us many bridges to go across, unforeseen detours, doglegs, brand-new valleys to become part of as well as also abrupt approaching web traffic. In conclusion, it’s a road traveled to the unknown.

Possibility Of Praying Without Ceasing

How long do you pray? Do you think that it is difficult to hope without discontinuing? Every believing Christian knows that it is very essential to pray. The trouble is reaching hope and also praying at all times. This write-up informs you how you can hope at all times.

Master Number 33

Audio as well as Love are 2 keys that can cause the greatest of creation. Our Universe shakes to the noise of Om, and love can conquer all things. Master number 33 represents both noise as well as love.

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