Obstacles Along the Way

I didn’t like making this video – the first half, in particular – and especially disliked pausing the creation of the upcoming ’Subverted History’ to do so.. still not certain it was the right decision.

In a world overflowing with grift, in which everybody now seems to be selling something, to the extent that even our art and creative productions are so often a mere pretext or facade for this money-making, it feels self-serving, a distraction, not the best use of time and energy.. so, no matter what comes of this, or what the future holds, I won’t be mentioning any of these issues again, come what may.. and I hope this brief interruption will be pardoned/understood.

I don’t pass judgment on those who actively seek out ways to monetize their work, especially if in order to make it their exclusive focus. My extreme approach to all things money is a personal one. It helps me sidestep unhelpful temptation, helps maintain complete independence of message/content, helps keep me humble, and helps me maintain a psychological state of gratitude and appreciation.. and I genuinely appreciate (and benefit from) all of these.
It’s just a path that works best for me.

Now that this is out of the way, back to work I go… thank you, again, to all who help make it possible.

Fair warning – I do next nothing for ’SubscribeStar’ patrons, I tend to communicate poorly/slowly and be impossible to reach, I develop myopic vision and shut out the world as I work on projects – so, a sincere *thank you* for those who support the work anyway.


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Know That Everything Is Possible and Let Go!

Whatever is Feasible Having the belief that everything feasible (or at least the belief that which you desire to produce is feasible). Producing the life, you wish to have or a minimum of reaching even more of your true possibility is where the trip begins.

Mother-Enmeshed Man: Does A Mother-Enmeshed Man Need To Drop His Nice Guy Mask?

If a man remains in a position where he concentrates on his mommy’s requirements as well as overlooks the majority of his very own, he is unlikely to have a solid connection with his very own sensations. What this boils down to is that he will probably run out touch with his own body, which is where the majority of his requirements and also feelings will be found.

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