One Room Schoolhouse Season 2: Episode 2 – Where do we go from here?

Join David Barton as he teaches on the history of faith and our founding Fathers and challenges us on where we go from here.

Spiritual Warfare and the Impending End of Life on Earth

Daily the circumstance worldwide gets worse. The political election of Donald Trump to the placement of President of the U.S.A. was not the option of individuals however that of God, the Spirit of the Universe. It is aligning the countries to combat the last fight as well as just one of his dogmatism as well as bullying can bring it around.

What Can We Learn From Jesus About Timing (John 7:1-13)?

What can we gain from Jesus concerning timing? Check out exactly how some children reacted as well as what the Bible instructs about trusting God’s timing. (John 7:1 -13; John 18:4; Micah 5:2; Matthew 2:13; Matthew 2:16 -18; Sayings 3:5 -6)

The 4 Most Important Factors to Spiritual Development and Spiritual Awakening

Wish to awaken right into your true nature of peace as well as bliss? Comply with these 4 factors to spiritual advancement that cause spiritual awakening.

As God’s Kingdom Purpose Increases in Us, Our Fear Decreases

As God’s Kingdom purpose raises in us, our anxiety lowers. Just Jesus provides us an objective that transcends our concern. Remember my difficulty to you earlier. For one week. Place those words up someplace: As God’s Kingdom purpose raises in us, our concern lowers.

From The Dark And Into The Light

In the 1700’s William Cowper lost his mother at a young age. From that excruciating moment he invested a lot of his life battling clinical depression and suicidal ideas. His papa sent him away to boarding institution, as well as Cowper located himself feeling extremely alone in the globe.

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