Pro-Family Legislators Conference – With Charlie Duke, Part 1

Is Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit constitutional? Today we talk a little bit about January 6 and then bring you a special session from the Pro-Family Legislators Conference. Tune in to hear the youngest person to walk on the moon, Charlie Duke! #Truth #WallBuilders #America #Faith #NASA #Space

Miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba is believed to be born in 1835 in Maharashtra. At the age of 16, he got here at Shirdi, Ahmednagar Area of British India. He achieved maha Samadhi on a Vijaya Dasami day on 15th October 1918. His guidance to praise with entire heartedly and also patiently wait for the results is well taken by countless his supporters. Thousands throng to Shirdi to prayer him. His popular assurance is: Why fear When I am Right here!

Journeying Into Springsteen’s Badlands Wisdom

Philosophy peddled as rock-and-roll. Pay attention into the words and tune of this 1978 Springsteen classic and in it is a life way to live this life that can be compared with the scriptural means of living this life.

Encouragement From a Biblical Character’s Discouragement

Reviewing Work there’s inspiration, maybe never ever a lot more so when we really feel like Task. In phase 3, for example, Work is provided to lament his presence, disliking the truth of his birth.

Daily Contemplation Prayers for Power and Direction

By God’s Existence, elegance, reality, knowledge and defense, through our recognition and appreciation, we have power and instructions. This prayer enables this focus.


We require to trust God to bring us via the year 2017, due to the fact that He’s faithful; He does not alter. He coincides the other day, today, and forever, as well as has actually guaranteed to walk with us in all scenarios.

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