Pro-Family Legislators Conference With Charlie Duke, Part 2 – Visiting The Moon

What was it like to walk on the moon? What did it feel like to view what the biblical prophets Isaiah and Job wrote about? How did an evolution-believing astronaut come to believe in the Creator? Tune in to hear this special broadcast with astronaut Charlie Duke! #NASA #America #Truth #Space #2020

In The Beginning Of The New Year

What gets on top of your top priority checklist for this Brand-new Year? Just how do you intend to start the year? The start of a point has a remarkable influence on the ending of that point. Therefore, exactly how you begin this year will identify how you will finish the year. This post informs you what you would certainly need to do in the beginning of this year to cruise through effectively and also finish the year with wonderful blessings.

The End and Purpose of The Commandment of God

What is the main objective of the rule of God? God is a God of purpose and has reasons for His choices, including the objective for the legislation. This post reveals the objective and also the end of God’s commandment.

Don’t Sleep Like Others Do

Do not allow the day to overtake you unawares! It will be most horrible! The hand writing on wall is very explicit – the Lord’s Day is at hand. How prepared are you? This write-up is a telephone call to be alert at all times.

Monastery Retreat

What do monks do throughout the day? Why aren’t they out feeding the hungry and searching for sanctuaries for the homeless? What good are their prayers? Living the monastic life is a special calls. Their type of petition is not a lot requesting for favors from God as recognizing the enigma of the Divine and also expressing our gratitude to Him/Her. Monks see themselves not as running from life but as running to God.

When I Least Expect It, Then HE Will Come

Sitting up at 2.15 in the morning, every one of life seeming not fairly best, simply feeling a little stuck, I wait, and also He simply does not come. Not yet. I look His Word. I contemplate. I wait. Patiently, it seems. And still God does not come.

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