Prophecy of Trump Scandal 2020

Greg Scroggins, one of the closest to Kim Clement before he died, tells of an encounter he had with the Lord on November 3rd 2020, the night of the election of Trump vs. Biden.

Greg says that the Lord told him (in an audible voice) that Trump would remain president of the United States. Further, that in the weeks following the election a scandal would be discovered of massive proportions.

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Can I Compare the Lack, or Even Omission, of Spiritual Faithfulness to a Vitamin Deficiency?

It is loyalty, as well as it is integrity, that holds a society with each other, as well as that top quality cement remains in brief supply. Jesus is so prepared to boost the supply and also boost the top quality. Our loyalty as adherents of Jesus Christ will be checked. We are examined, and faithfulness never falls short, because God is faithful, as well as He never ever falls short. We are significantly knowledgeable about having to encounter larger examinations. How will we react at such times? Never ever is the job of the Holy Spirit showed more incredibly than when it is seen in the lives of those who are faithful. These disciples knew what it was to shed A person they enjoyed as well as trusted – and also Someone That had loved them in such a way that no-one else had loved them. Jesus took them via that valley, and also Jesus showed up on the other side. Jesus can only bring us out of the valleys if we are eager to experience them.

Thinking As a Barrier to, and Presence As Broker of, Shalom

DEPARTMENTS separate Jesus-believers as well as doubters all over the world. However those same departments likewise trigger Christ-believers to eliminate each various other, and also this has never been so obvious as through the age of very visual, codifiable social media, specifically around values within God’s kingdom here on earth.

Darkest Before The Dawn

Theodore Roosevelt’s wife and also mom both died on the exact same evening. This agonizing experience aided form the man he would certainly end up being as he entered into solitude for lots of months to heal as well as recover. The marks he bore from this tragedy gave him a stamina and a resolve that would certainly bring him into the presidency.

The Seventh Reincarnation

Everyone stops and also thinks concerning their life as well as why they are here; at the very least at some stage. The ideas, actions, understanding, and feelings collected over their time could not have been for nothing. How can they picture that it will all end with their death as well as most will have the feeling that their ‘being’ will take place?

Are You Sure of Your Calling in Life in Christ, and Are You Comfortable in That Privileged Service?

Are you sure of you calling? Are you comfortable in your calling? Do you recognize with certainty as well as guarantee that Almighty God has called you? Can you serve anywhere you are, understanding that the risen as well as living Lord Jesus Christ has laid His hand upon your life, and also that he desires to use you as well as provide you an useful and also favorable and fruitful life? When we look back we see that we did not select Christ. We see that Jesus Christ came and chose us. Can you visualize Peter saying, “I was out angling eventually by the Galilean Lake, as well as I chose to adhere to Jesus Christ”? No. Jesus selected me. Can you picture Paul creating that it was he who made a decision to adhere to Jesus Christ – never!

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