Prophetic Election Insights…Is Destruction Coming?

How will the next President fit into Bible Prophecy? Who will the next US President be? We discuss that here.

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Number Nine and the Nine Life Path

There are nine life paths. This write-up has to do with life course number nine, the path of selflessness.

You Might Be A Medium And Not Even Know It

Dr. Julie Beischel is a researcher that has clinically researched mediumship and life after fatality for over 15 years. Her goal with Windbridge Study Center is to relieve suffering around dying, death, and what comes next. They do rigorous clinical study as well as share it with public practitioners to spread out the word.

God Cares For You, More Than You Know ( Through Jesus, God Is Always Thinking About You )

God understands you much better than anyone, He looks after you even more than anyone! This is a clear statement from bible. You will certainly never ever be ignored as well as failed to remember! God is eaten with thinking of you! Just how do I know? It remains in this article training as well as it’s assured to obtain you considering God’s Word in your life!

Is The Holy Spirit Telling You To Run To Jesus?

Every spiritual benefit that comes from the follower has to be triggered by running to Jesus. Your prize is an individual partnership with Jesus! Many believers have not find out to win the God type of means. Let me show you just how to begin right where you are! This is a really, extremely, preferred training article. Get the info you need right below!

“Reality, What Is It?”

Can you trust what you see or are you in a hypnotic state mistaken something that’s unreal for something that is real? Can you trust what you hear, or do ears your deceive you sometimes? What is truth? Is it understanding, a desire, or truth?

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