Reject The Black Pill

In a few decades from now, when you’re asked how you spent your time during this decisive period in history, are you content with responding ’the situation looked difficult, so I gave up and laid low, and hoped for the best’?

When one takes that black pill, they become infectious, and can’t help but pass along their weak attitude to others.
The hallmark of this small handful of subversives is their mastery of illusions… they’re a house of cards, a wizard behind a curtain, using every ounce of effort to present themselves as both stronger than they really are, and more representative of the norm.

Illusions only prevail if they’re bought into and embraced… and for decades, we’ve embraced them. This needs to stop.
Not having the courage to stand up or be honest about one’s viewpoints is one thing, but actively working to demoralize and depress others is something entirely different, and shouldn’t be condoned. It’s the western patriarchal and hierarchical tradition that let the reins of power slip from their hands, and its we that need to fight to regain those reins… and not only for our own sake, but for the existential sake of the world at large. As with any species, when the hierarchy becomes sick and malformed, all end up suffering as a result. Just imagine what this new breed could turn this world into, within our lifetimes.. the sheer amount of pain and hardship and depression they’d usher in in exchange for enriching themselves and their masters, without so much as a moment’s hesitation.

*Reject the black pill*.

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