SPORTSareFAKE! / Magnets, Trickery, and the Religion of Sports Entertainment 🏀🏈⚽

This is a little different from our other videos, and it’s nothing too serious, not like a research paper or anything, just something to consider. I do think it’s relevant because sports are essentially a modern-day religion, only that those who participate in this weekly ritual, otherwise known as “sports fans”, refuse to see it in this fashion as, of course it is a skill and pastime but when we take a look at it from a “Global” (and chill I don’t mean it literally, just figuratively,) perspective we can see that this is one of the foundational pillars to the entire system of control.

Many of us are willing to consider that some sports games are rigged (Boxing,Wrestling…) but what if it goes even deeper than that… What if there are certain technologies being used, yes, BEHIND THE SCENES, that can influence the outcome of the game. Is that such a blasphemous question to ask?, or is there some type of cognitive dissonance when it comes to this subject because we enjoy these experiences, chilling with our friends on the weekends enjoying a beer watching the game, but….. That’s exactly what they were DESIGNED FOR.

Try to watch this video with an open mind, I’m not trying to prove anything and No I do not think I have presented any proof. This is just a really cool artwork.

If you look into this question, you will find some interesting answers. It’s also strange the amount of symbols and coat of arms used in soccer and football, which are basically the same thing, just different variations.

If you ask me… I don’t see why we should trust them, especially with really sus commercials featuring famous occult magicians.

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