The Blindness of “Following the Science”

Many Public figures have been using the phrase “follow the science” in the recent crisis. Such phrases ignore how science is a tool and does not offer any way of discerning a goal towards which we should follow science.

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Becoming the Answer (A Sermon on Luke 13:1-9)

“Now there were some present during that time that informed Jesus concerning the Galileans whose blood Pilate had actually combined with their sacrifices. Jesus answered, “Do you think that these Galileans were even worse sinners than all the other Galileans due to the fact that they experienced this means? I inform you, no!

My Life in Archetype and Myth – The Spiritual Child

Boost your life with the knowledge of your life’s innate purpose as well as direction. You will certainly discover yourself residing in an extra extensive way, in a much more worthwhile means. This will supply clearness, deepening understanding and give useful reference factors for your life trip.

Take Comfort in Knowing

Do not hesitate to walk your course in this life for you are never alone. Bask in understanding that the all-seeing eye never deserts.

How to Understand Your Dreams and the Hidden Messages They Convey

I was drawn to create this post concerning desires because it is an area that has an important bearing on our lives. I have located throughout the years functioning as a psychic that analyzing the subconscious has been really cleansing for individuals who need to recognize what they are everything about.

Welcome to the Family of Jesus (A Sermon on John 12:1-8)

Six days before the Passover Jesus involved Bethany, the house of Lazarus, whom he had increased from the dead. 2There they offered a dinner for him. Martha offered, and also Lazarus was just one of those at the table with him.

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