The Blossoming of a New World: A Tu Beshvat

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Where Is God When Life Gives Us More Than We Can Handle?

THERE is this old saying that does the rounds: God will not give you greater than you can take care of. Platitudes such as these do fantastic harm.

Proofs Of Your Love For God

How certain are you of your love for God? Lots of Christians claim to love God yet their words and actions state otherwise. Nonetheless, it is uncomplicated to tell those that truly enjoy God due to the fact that as the scripture states in Matthew 7:20, “by their fruits you shall recognize them.” This article provides you the signs that reveal that a particular person absolutely likes God.

Why Be Destroyed When You Can Make A U-Turn?

Just how often do you take wise actions? Every step you take always mars or ruins you; it never ever leaves you the very same. However the advantage is that there is constantly a possibility to backtrack your steps if you are on the incorrect course. This write-up encourages you to without delay make a u-turn any type of time there is a need for it.

New Year – What Is Your Present Position Now?

What is your stand with the Dad currently? What can avoid you from obtaining the gratification of the predictions in your life? It is the will of God to satisfy them but specific things in your life may need to be cleaned up initially. This short article stresses the demand to analyze yourself.

Warring A Good Warfare With The Prophecies Concerning You

What revelations have gone ahead concerning you? What are you doing to see them met in your life? God intends to bless you however the enemy wishes to swipe the true blessings from you. This is the factor you must battle to see the gratification of God’s word in your life. This post offers you one important step you have to involve to avoid the enemy from taking your blessings.

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