The Book Club: Galileo with Brian Keating

Galileo proved that the Earth revolved around the sun and was punished for challenging existing scientific theory. Are we seeing parallels today? Brian Keating and Michael Knowles discuss Galileo’s The Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems and how modern scientists still face vilification if they challenge the ideological narrative.

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Resurrection Power

And also if this is the power that dwells in you, what are you waiting on to uncover your life? For you to climb from the dead? To reveal the globe that you have been sealed with the Holy Spirit and also power.

Why Do We Incarnate?

What is the function of life on Planet? Why do we incarnate on this world? These are concerns each and every one of us has actually asked at least once during our presence on planet earth. Why are we right here? There has to be more to it than simply expanding up, getting a job, aging and dying. What would certainly be the function of it if that was all there was to life. It was an inquiry I asked years back and it began an individual look for solutions.

Is There Life After Death?

Death functions as an eyeopener to live life with a higher intelligence. It educates us several lessons and also offers us deep understandings and also knowledge.

Why God Won’t Work in Anything But Weakness

The Existence of God is an aberration except when we have nothing left of ourselves to provide and also have no need to take anything that isn’t from Him. God will not work in anything that isn’t weak. Obviously, there will be Christians clambering everywhere in their minds; we do not such as to be weak. We desire the success of Christ. What has success to do with weakness – what has weak point to do with victory?

What Does the Tree of Life Look Like?

What does the Tree of Life look like? Several years ago while attending the funeral of a friend’s father, I began walking back to the van most of us gotten here in. As I strolled back to the car park, I sensed I had actually gotten in another time as well as truth. As a good friend and I strolled shoulder to bear we went into another world, It was a barren globe and also seemed as if it was where we originated from previously surviving planet. Continuing, we passed a scraggly old locust tree, which to me signified the Tree of Life. Via the years that picture has actually continuously returned right into my ideas.

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