The Characteristics of Cults

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Awaken Your Divine Purpose

What has God transferred in you that you are not utilizing? That is a concern that most of us ought to ask ourselves every now and then. Much of us have God-given gifts that we are not utilizing.

Everyone Has Returned to Life After Death

My reincarnation alerted me to the fact that everyone has returned to life after fatality. There is no paradise or heck, and the supposed timeless punishment promise to those that oppose religious teaching is a myth born of power. Expertise that featured me consisted of that of the Spirit of deep space, the only God.

Can We Serve With Kindness, Gentleness, and Humility, in a Day When Competition Is Fierce?

Do you wish to live an useful and worthwhile life? In your heart is it your wish that your life and service and statement will flourish and also be of actual aid to others – those that are around you – and possibly even in other countries and nations? How can we assist? How can we serve? How may we make a difference in the lives of others?

After Death We Carry Forward Lessons From The Past

Most would certainly not realise the relevance of reincarnation because it is buried by churches. My experience of passing from life to life allowed understanding into the lessons we continue which influence how as well as what we become in the future generation of our being. This turns up in those born with abilities, abilities, and also impulses not explainable otherwise.

Why No Two Lives Are The Same

Like fingerprints no two lives are the exact same because we have all lived in the past. Experiences acquired in those previous lives, the times in which we lived, our condition, and after that fatality all contribute to the make-up of our personality as well as individualities in this life. Include in that the impact of the time of year in which we were born, as shown by the star-signs, as well as after that the year itself.

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