The Dark Knight – How to Be a Hero in an Upside Down World.

We look at how Batman in The Dark Knight shows us how to be a hero in an upside down world in the scene where kidnappers dress up their victims as perpetrators. We compare this story to Christ turning the tables over in the Temple to chase away the money changers.

The video was edited by Thomas Wijnaendts van Resandt of the Storytellers channel.

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A New Creation

This short article informs us that we actually are. We are the children and daughters of an all magnificent God.

Finding Awareness Doesn’t Equal Happily Ever After

For several years, I hungrily feasted on the words of spiritual educators and looked for the awareness of awareness to which their mentors pointed. My objective was to attain a state of awareness – to experience the truth of who I am. For so long, I picked up the fact of their words and also recognized they were signposts guiding me on my internal journey, but I couldn’t discover my destination. When I was able to open into the truth of my Being and also experience the magnitude of my consciousness, I need to admit to feeling a sense of success. My ego was still to life and also well as I inwardly celebrated my progress. I had actually discovered what I laid out to locate! What a spiritual success story I needed to tell! Yet wait … not so quickly, runaway vanity. There was much more, far more to discover.

You Are a King

Every major fact began in guide of Genesis and also last fact remains in Revelation of the Holy bible. If you are born once more, you were born in the spirit realm. You were produced to have ascendancy and also to suppress. Subdue means to make something align itself with your will. You overcome it to send its will to your own

Christianity Can Be A Conundrum

Have you ever been confronted with having been provided secret information concerning someone, or something that was in harm’s method; however unable to act on their part? The example given is in respect to sharing spiritual sources with that person (or circumstance) without forcing our own belief system.

Alexey Pavlovich Kulaichev on the Secrets of Sri Yantra

In my previous write-up entitled ‘The Secret of Sri Yantra, I have actually provided the standard factors concerning the complicated Divine Geometry of Sri Yantra. Famous researcher Alexy Pavlovich Kulaichev made an extensive study on Sri Yantra in 1987 as well as released his paper in Russian language. The paper drew in around the world action and also caused a most dynamic interest from readers and also received greater than a hundred responses. Today his paper is taken into consideration to be among the most effective clinical paper on the complicated Divine Geometry. Check out the lead to this post.

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