THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE FIFTH SEAL // ‘Ballads of the Revelation’


How long, How long
Till you avenge the blood of the righteous
You said wait just a little while longer
Till the full number are slain as you were slain
Waiting, waiting, for the reckoning

‘The Fellowship of the Fifth Seal’ from FAI’s latest film, ‘Ballads of the Revelation’

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Holy Communion-The Wisdom Of God For Total Health Spirit, Soul And Body

What is Holy Communion to you? Your understanding of what it is and also its benefits will determine the area you will certainly provide it in your life. It is greater than tiny bread as well as beverage absorbed the churches. It is the knowledge of God for your total health spirit, soul as well as body. This post provides you a better understanding of the significance of Holy Communion to a believer.

Yes! You Should Give Your Life To Jesus

Tip out of your convenience area and also press yourself right into looking for the bibles of why you need to give your life to Jesus. No matter of where you are right currently or what situation you find yourself in, Jesus has a prepare for you.

Let The Light Of The Gospel Shine Through You

Sometimes you might can not see the light in on your own, but God always sees it and also that’s the important point. It’s actually not about you. It’s concerning allowing other individuals see the light of the Gospel shine via you for Jesus.

Praise The Lord! Your Blessing Is On The Way

Every little thing you require comes from God’s goodness and He is going to show His power through you. Applaud the Lord! Your true blessing gets on the way.

Being Attached

We can be connected to the smallest points, stressed, infatuated even. Loving our own personal presence involves, necessarily, accessory. The difficulty for the spiritual trainee or enthusiast is to see past society and its presumptions.

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