The French Revolution: The Death of Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Tradition (and the rise of modernity)

Conspiracy? Our Subverted History, Part 7.2 –
The French Revolution: The Death of Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Tradition (and the rise of modernity)

Part Two, of Two.
(Part One can be found here:

It might be said that the birth of secular humanism, ’scientism’ or ’rationalism’, and the materialist and reductionist philosophies that have come to so dominate modernity, first stepped into the foreground of the western world most profoundly as a result of the French Revolution – and the several similar revolutions it helped spark and inspire.

The ancient and traditional conception of hierarchy, in which God represents the ’capstone’, with Kings and Chieftains and Holy Men and ruling Nobility to act as his stewards and right hand to establish right order in the material world, seemed to be the foremost target of the leading players responsible for the events of these years.

The King, Queen, and Nobility of pre-revolution France, and their specific means and methods of governance, were far from perfect – and in many ways had become subpar examples of the lofty tradition they were meant to represent and uphold. However, the nature of how they were deposed, the primary movers behind this deposition, and the nature of the structures and institutions that were to take their place, seemed an ominous foreshadowing of the unmoored chaos of modernity.

Kill off the prevailing conception of God, kill off the earthly Father and Mother of a nation, and you’re left with lawyers, sophists, and money men.. and the entire world eventually pays the price for this disastrous trade.

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