The Future of Consciousness in the Universe ~ Documentary 2020

How might conscious minds evolve over millions of years? Will our descendants inhabit deep time? This documentary considers the potential of intelligent conscious life in the far future of the universe.

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This documentary is a non-profit, educational film. All footage used with permission, or in compliance with fair use/fair dealing.

Non copyright/reuse-allowed music composed by Scott Buckley, Aleks Michalski, and Dreamstate Logic.

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What Burnout Did to Me, What It’s Like Now

Among the unfortunate though essential occasions in life is fatigue for the person who remains to reject to have their limitations. This took place to me in 2005.

Brokenness – God’s Only True Salvation

None people really understand nor live the Christian life, up until, like Christ, we have actually been damaged. However the phenomenon of being damaged is a harried and confused topic. The inexperienced will connect it as barbaric; exactly how could a great God need us to be broken? For the started, it can be an instance of Pharisaic pride – ‘I know it and also you do not’ – yet, absolutely, that is not brokenness.

You Don’t Need More Faith

“Oh, if only I had a lot more faith.” Ever before state or assume that? Jesus really did not assume we required a lot more confidence. In Matthew 17:20 b He claimed if you had faith as tiny as a mustard seed you might relocate a hill.

Astrology Eclipses Summer 2018 Part 1: Riding Emotional Waves and Spiritual Self-Care

Eclipses multiply energy and leave a powerful imprint on our lives for a minimum of 6-12 months. 3 eclipses in the summer of 2018 will increase emotions, trigger adjustments that are waiting to be made and also boost development that requires to happen. In a collection of articles, an User-friendly Astrologist and Life Coach discuses the implications of these eclipses as they refer to shifts in specific and collective awareness, emotional triggers, and spirit degree placement.

The Critical Mass of Enlightenment

The term vital mass is borrowed from nuclear physics where it describes the amount of a substance needed to start a chain response. As soon as the domino effect is developed it ends up being self perpetuating expanding in proportion to the energy included within its development. In social terms, this same important mass is accomplished when an enough number of individuals want to accept a brand-new as well as cutting-edge methods of believing to ensure that the price of social adjustment becomes self-sustaining as well as produces more development of new ideas and values.

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